The only thing I learned to play during my long years in the lower and middle music school and the academy of music have been violin, later viola, and piano as the second instrument.

Through my early and tradional music activity I started to learn (almost exclusively as an autodidact) how to play recorder, viol, shawm, cornetto, crumhorn, percussions, to sing and even to play sackbut... At the beginning of eighties I added both Liras, i.e. da braccio and da gamba, to that.

From traditional folk instruments I learned to play the sopile, šurle and mih (shawm , double pipe and bagpipe of Istria), koboz (small folk lute of Romania), mandolin, lijerica and gusle (Dalmatia). Recently, I made a new and interesting experience trying to play Bulgarian gadulka.

My interest in playing blues and rock music led me to learn how to improvise on electric violin (later electric viola and cello too), to invent a hybrid bowed instrument called Turbofiddle (combination of a violin having six instead of 4 strings and tuning of a lira da braccio - I used it mostly improvising in the various styles of ethno - rock and World music), electric and acoustic guitar and bass. Five years ago I realised my adolescent music dream and bought an SK2 Hammond (Suzuki) organ and a Railboard (Chapman) Stick.

I am not completely sure but probably this could be enough for my 72 years?