Fifty years ago, in the summer of 1969 in the enchanted Istrian town of Grožnjan/ Grisignana, I started my musical (and not only) way of Early (medieval, renaissance, early baroque and traditional folk) Music. In fact, my first meeting with those new but centuries old sounds happened 55 years ago, in 1964, due to the concert of the American renaissance "big band" New York Pro Musica, directed by his founder and artistic leader mr. Noah Greenberg, in the old Zagreb concert hall HGZ. I want to share with you my numerous memories, some anecdotes, many items from my vast archives (photos, programs, reviews, audio and video recordings made in studios, for LPs or CDs or during live concerts. The best of it I will publish as a DVD.


Soon I shall start a blog serial telling you about this longest love story of my life.


Your Igor Pomykalo